GPS/GNSS Awareness

Cost: £280 – 1 day course

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Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) is the generic term for satellite navigation systems that provide global positioning. Both the USA Global Positioning System (GPS) and the Russian GLONASS system provide satelitte positioning. Current equipment combines the signals from both systems to provide a more reliable postion for both surveying and construction work. GNSS receivers combine GPS with GLONASS signals, as dual system signal tracking offers better positioning capability over GPS only receivers particularly where sky visibility is limited by buildings and trees.

The structured course is designed for managers, surveyors, engineers and those who are involved in surveying and establishing survey control. The programme is suitable for those who have survey experience and require an appreciation of current and potential applications of Global Positioning Systems. The training can be recorded as CPD to count towards Continued Professional Development requirements.

The programme gives delegates hands on experience of the use of GNSS equipment and the processing of the results and includes a range of applications. Delegates will have an appreciation of the level of accuracy, which can be achieved and sources of potential error.

The course covers the fundamentals of real-time (RTK) GNSS surveying. It is a mixture of both classroom and practical sessions using the equipment. The course covers importing coordinates, setting out, coding, downloading, quality control, editing data, and exporting the final coordinates.

The course material includes a training manual with practical examples and exercises to help consolidate the topics covered on the course.


On completion of the course delegates will be able to:

  • understand the principles of GPS
  • prepare for GPS work using planning software
  • set up and use GPS equipment
  • use GPS to establish control
  • use GPS for static surveying
  • use GPS for Real Time (RTK) surveys
  • record and process results to obtain a set of coordinates
  • upload coordinate and alignment data to the Survey Controller
  • set out alignment and coordinate data using the controller
  • download and export data (via DXF or ASCII coordinates)
  • be aware of the capability and limitations of GPS surveying
  • understand the range of GPS applications
  • understand the basics of geodesy and coordinate systems

Training Dates

We provide a number of public courses in Birmingham throughout the year.

In addition we offer in house training solutions, which are designed specifically to meet your requirements. Individual training programmes can include specific types of equipment, content or specialist applications tailored to meet your needs.

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